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The Concept House is a brand new business model answering today's fast moving marketing challenges.

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Desi W
Client Service Manager

Desi is a born team leader. She proved it when, still a junior, she led the direct sales team leader community in Sampoerna, Bali. Multi-talented, sharp and passionate, she thrives indifferently in the administration, the marketing or even the creative departments. She is also a great event organizer, who has implemented concepts for brands as varied as Prost beer, Campari, Sampoerna, Bintang, Bukopin bank or Toshiba.

Desi’s attention to details and organization skills are a blessing when imspanlementing communication campaigns or events, making sure everything goes smoothly to the target.

Locca Chandra
Digital Marketing Director

The founder of ASANKA, established in 2009, Locca has an amazing range of skills at his disposal, including a huge experience and a very nice smile. In short, he is awesome! The company is offering best service and quality in the greater Bali region and beyond, a true blessing for small to medium size businesses. It goes wide from graphic design to website programming, mobile applications, custom IT and customer support. It also does custom printing on any support for advertising in any form, packaging, adhesive advertising, custom branding, stationary, billboards or neon signage.

One of Locca’s greatest assets lie in understanding his clients’ end consumers needs and how to most effectively influence their online behaviour.

Pascal Hierholz
Creative Director

Pascal Hierholz begun his career in Paris, France, in the advertising and design business. His work as Art Director and Creative Director has been awarded both locally and internationally. Pascal worked in France, Canada, Finland, China, The Middle East and then Indonesia making multi-media campaigns for brands like Toyota, Air Canada, L’Oréal, Ford, Subway, Orange, Volkswagen, Nescafé, Gudang Garam, Godrej, etc. in both international or local agencies, like McCann Erickson, Publicis, Y&R or Taxi, Nurun interactive, Profero and Advantage Indonesia.

Pascal’s strength is a blend of fresh ideas, local understanding and friendly diplomacy. His extensive through-the-line experience makes him a unique guide across today’s communication maze.

Film Director

Ryan got his first camera when in junior High School. That’s when his love for filming and telling stories began. A film director and editor, he is also a photographer and a writer able to create touching stories and capturing amazing emotions on video. He has made several short films that went through festivals, as well as beautiful wedding films in Bali and Europe. In 2016 he founded his own production team helping brands like Hilton and Royal Enfield reach a larger audience with TVC and Digital Ads. In 2017, his wedding work was awarded by the Wedding & Event Videographer Association (WEVA).

Ryan’s work speak for itself. His filming and writing skills combined with his eye for editing will turn any script into a work of art.

Ary Wicahyana
Head Of Animation

The creative mind behind The Chronicle of Calonarang and Baladeva comics, Ary has a knack for rendering the richness of Indonesian culture into amazing graphic novels in its many artistic forms. He loves digging in ancient history to forge his characters and settings. Ary is a true artist in the animation field. Puru-puruko, Sangut Delem channel, Katur Nusantara are here to prove it. He is also an active member of Denpasar’s Smart City Committee.

Ary’s humour and imagination will bring fresh air and a touch of local culture on any project, in style.